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MP4 Repair Tool to fix corrupt or damaged MP4 files. Repair MP4 audio and video files corrupted due to issues with the firmware of the camcorder, Fix MP4 files broken due to round tripping or modification of the file extension. The software also lets you repair MP4 files after header corruption along with fixing of damaged MOV files on Mac OS X Snow Leopard and Lion. The software supports repair of MOV files created in Quicktime player.The software supports repair of MP4 files generated on various devices like digital cameras and camcorders of various brands like Nikon, canobn, Panasonic,Sanyo, Contour, Fujifilm, Samsung and others along with iPhone.

Features of MP4 Repair Software

1.Repair MP4 files that use different codecs
2.Repair large sized MP4 video files
3.Fix MOV files along with MP4 files
4.Ability to preview the repaired MP4 files before restoring.
5.Supports MP4 file repair on Mac OS X Snow Leopard and Lion

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